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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm | Sunday 8am to 1 pm
  Contact : +91 9216220077

How do I pay for the treatments ?

The consultation and therapies payments should be all made in advance. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer in the clinic’s bank account.

The clinic bank details are

AC NO: 054585800000960
IFSC: YESB0000545

Where is Sampoorna KAYAKALP Ayurveda Clinic located?


B-426, B.R.S.Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, INDIA-141012.
Phone: +91 161 5028269; +91 9216220077.

The clinic is centrally located near Ferozpur road highway and well connected by major roads. The Railway station is 7 km and the Interstate Bus terminus is just 5 km from the clinic.

See us on Google Maps!

Travel and Housing Arrangements

Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until your Panchkarma or other treatment appointment has been confirmed.

We are a DAY CARE clinic center, and we do not have in-house staying / admission facilities. However, we have our clinic guest house and hotels (boutique to five star) within 3 km range of our clinic.

We can help you make your travel / housing arrangements. Please call on our contact no (+91 0161 5028269, +91 9216220077) for the same.

How is the climate and weather in Ludhiana?

Ludhiana’s climate is typical of a north Indian city.  It is dry and cold in winters, with temperature dropping to near zero sometimes, and hot and humid in Summers and rains.  Dressing in layers is the best approach to our changeable weather. If you’re coming in the winter, be sure to pack a winter coat, gloves, hat and warm socks!

Dr. Aurora’s Classes and Seminars

While you are a doing a holistic treatment at Sampoorna KAYAKALP, you may attend any or all of Dr. Suneet / Dr Preeti’s Arora’s  Ayurvedic Studies Program lectures at no cost to you, when they are in session.

However, Sampoorna KAYAKALP organises training seminars and courses in Ayurveda and Holistic health periodically.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Customized Counseling is offered as a package to clients taking  KAYAKALP Panchkarma Holistic detox treatments as a package. A current schedule of classes will be available when you check in. Please inform the therapist about your medical background and of any injuries or limitations.

However, customized counselings, based upon psychoanalysis, ontology and meditation are undertaken for clients at a seperate package too.

Dr Aurora has introduced ONLINE COUNSELINGS through Skype and Whatsapp video calls too. Kindly book your appointment at least a fortnight prior.

How should clients make an appointment for a treatment?

The appointments for consultation can be taken beforehand. Walk-ins, scheduled on a first come-first served basis are also there. The clinic recommends that clients book their appointments in advance to avoid disappointment. Our front desk at clinic will assist in planning a program to suit individual needs in consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor, personally/online/telecon.

To book appointments, call:

Desk: +91 1615028269
Mobile: +91 9216220077, +91 9815089977
Mail: info@kayakalp.org; drsuneet@hotmail.com

How many kinds of treatments are there and how do I choose?

We offer traditional Ayurveda panchkarma treatments and therapies for health issues.

Chronic diseases, Auto Immune disorders, Cancer, Gastro, Kidney and Liver diseases, Arthritis, Neuropathies, Degenerative diseases, Allergies, Gyne disorders, PCOD, Fibroids, Anxiety Depression…

KAYAKALP PANCHKARMA DETOX for treating chronic diseases and auto-immunity disorders. This is customized and non-general, designed by the Dr Aurora after Nadi pariksha (Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis)

COUNSELING & PSYCHOANALYSIS for general anxiety, depression, OCD to transformational counseling.

KAYAKALP ABHYANGA is traditional ayurveda massage therapy to detox and relax the body. It acts as anatural anti-fatigue and pain relief.

KAYAKALP SHIRODHARA with medicated oil, decoction, milk or takra to relax and nourish the central nervous system. Cures migraine heachaches, insomnia, depression, fatigue, OCD.

KAYAKALP POTTALI therapy for arthritis, pain, muscular and nerve pains.

KAYAKALP BASTI- Kati Basti for low back pain/ disc prolapse; Manya Basti for cervical spondylosis; Hridya basti for heart diseases and palpatations, Janu basti for Knee pain and degenerative athritis.

KAYAKALP PIZICHIL and other Kerala therapies.


What about the hygiene and cleanliness in therapies?

Dr Aurora and the KAYAKALP team follow stringent standards to provide hygiene and cleanliness during the therapies. From issuing personalized therapy disposables and oils etc. to every client before therapy, to sterlizing the linen and rooms befor the next appointment, hygiene and cleanliness is take care of by standards.