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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm | Sunday 8am to 1 pm
  Contact : +91 9216220077

Vision & Mission


Our Mission at SAMPOORNA KAYAKALP is to be the most trusted name in Holistic Ayurveda healing in India.

For that, we design a set of values at Sampoorna KAYAKALP:

  1. AUTHENTIC: Our consultations, suggestions and treatment care stand the test of absolute authenticity and truthfulness to our clients.
  2. CARE: We take care of our clients as souls in pain send to us by the Almighty, to let us serve Him in place.
  3. PRIORITY: Our clients come first, in priority and service, then our and our team’s comfort.
  4. RESEARCH: We are committed to give to our clients latest research based solutions and treatments to their problems.